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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Term (2) Week (5) Earth Day
Hi earthlings!
Earth Day is very important to me,& us.To make people aware of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean,we celebrate Earth Day.Save the Earth:Start carrying out the 3R's,care for the Earth.All the materials,stuffs we are using come from Earth.If we don't carry out the 3R's,the materials will be used up one day.We can carry out the 3R's.We could go to the park to cycle & play......let our eyes rest too!!!
Buh Bye!!!XD


Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
7:15 PM

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I like the music rooms and Eco-garden.They gives us a space to relax with musical instruments and nature.I think most of the aspects are okay...The canteens should be improved as it is quite small but it is a sad thing that it cannot be larger...Some of the tables & chairs are spoiled & dirty...The school could change the spoiled tables and chairs.There is nothing to do with the cleaners and the tables and chairs.I think pupils should take 1 min to clean up after they had finish eating.
Goodbye. :D

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
2:02 AM

I have lots of favourites foods...
One of them is Sushi!!!
It is healthy.It is important to eat healthy foods as they give us vitamins and nutrients to carry out our daily life processes.Some of the diseases associated with unhealthy foods are Diabetes,Cancer and lots more.
The benefits of eating vegetables & fruits are having good eyesight,energy to do work,nice and smooth skin and so many more!!!I simply LOVE eating fruits and vegetables as they are sweet(particular),delicious.I just love eating them with no reasons...I support the school's campaign.The activities:Something like a competition-the contest they are carrying out now.

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
1:52 AM

I think pupils get to read to improve their language and knowledge.I like it.I like reading as it is interesting to know and learn more words and stuffs.I think reading can improve pupils' schoolwork.The school can encourage them by giving them time in the school during their free time during recess.
Book:Twilight and the other series.
Author:Stephanie Meyer
Its about vampires and it is more interesting than being a normal person.We can learn more words from the book too.
GTG now,bye.

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
1:44 AM

Hey earthlings,i am finally back!!!
I am include in Tuition,Church ,currently.My parents decided to let me rest for a while and i will continue other activities a few months later. :D
I spend 3 days on these activities. :D
Total hours spent on these activities:7-8 hours. :D
Why I am involved:to improve my studies :D
know and worship Jesus :D
I think that the activities are needed for me...My studies did improve a lot...
I do not think these activities would affect my studies,instead they helped me on my studies!!! :D
Of course i do not feel stress...I think pupils should be involved in other activities to help the improve their studies,learn more things so they could apply them on their jobs when they grow up. :D
Bye for now...

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
1:35 AM

I will defend:Racial Harmony.
Singapore has lots of different races of people and it is important as it completes Singapore.We do not want to have war against other races.If it really happens,Singapore will fall & we do not want it to happen.

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
1:25 AM

---Hello,the people who are now in my blog---
---Welcome to my blog---
---This is my first posting---
---More postings will be up---
---Have a nice time enjoying and Thank You:D---

Under the moon light ...all i ever see is you... ;
1:11 AM


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